5. Going to a Funeral 101

    "Going to a Funeral 101” is a meta tutorial based on excerpts of YouTube tutorials on how to dress and make up for a funeral.
Part of "When I Die, Go to the Hairdresser's First" (2015). This work is based on one the last things my grandmother told my mother before she past away. That phrase sums up her way to see life, in which concepts like death, that cause sadness, fear and respect, shares with a 'mundane', 'superficial' and 'daily' subject which is beauty. Throughout the years, death has led to a higher level: we respect and fear death . Through this project, taking as a starting point the relationship women have with beauty, I sought to bring death to a more earthly, daily and even comical level.

2018: Bad Art Festival, Bones and Pearl Studio, London, England.

2017: Kontrakultural Festival, Lima, Perú; 58 Peruvian Female Photographers, Convento Santa Catalina, Arequipa, Perú; 58 Peruvian Female Photographers, Centro Cultural Inca Garcilaso, Lima, Perú; Sobredosis, La Quinta del Sordo, Madrid, Spain.

2016: Pop Up Kino Fest, GlogauAIR, Berlin, Germany; Hacia donde mirar, EFTI, Madrid; Samples Festival, Helsinki, Finland and Mexico DF, México; nodoCCS Videoart Festival, Caracas, Venezuela; Visions in the Nunnery, London, England; Transcinema Lima, Peru; Más Allá del Cementerio, Espacio Proa, Madrid, España; Bad Art 2, Stour Space, London, England; Bad Art 1, Bones and Pearl Studio, London, England.

2015: De tal palo tal astilla, Tarazona Foto, Zaragoza, Spain; Fotoproyectos, Efti, Madrid, Spain.