4. I Don't Know Where I Begin

   "The Song of the Dog" and "The Song of the Worm" written and performed by Julia Skoryh produced by Eugene Brodsky. "The Song of the Body" produced by Alejandra Morote Peralta.

    Performance by Giovannina Siqueira.Curated by Alexandra Goloborodko and Leyli Aslanova.Interview videos in Kaliningrad by Dasha Abdulia.

    Film commissioned for RAUM SPACE festival in Kaliningrad 2020. The festival will run from December 18th until December 20th. RAUM SPACE is organized by NGO Art-Vorota (Kaliningrad) and ostPunkt e.V. (Berlin) in cooperation with the independent curatorial initiative "International Cultural Project Butterbrot" (Berlin), and with financial support from the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

2020: RAUM SPACE, Kaliningrad, Russia.